The project was born in Summer 2017 during the musical Residency in the South of France when two Parisian Musicians – a pianist Richard Poher and a singer Indrė Gasiūnė started creating a dreamy universe coloured by the old English & American poems and the never ending musical imagination.

Summer Tales project blends different styles: both musicians share a common passion for contemporary jazz harmonies but also for classical approach to the melody and electro sounds.

The duo develops a unique atmosphere with the inspiration from the texts of such poets as Shakespeare and Edgar Allan Poe : « the poems are rich and intense, so is the creation process guided by them » says Indré, singer and semi-finalist of Montreux Jazz Voice Competition 2016. “The connection between the mysterious in Nature and the depth of emotional experiences revealed in the poems of Edgar Allan Poe is so close and so universal: it was also a desire to explore their present-day actuality, by approaching universal themes that made us choose to work with these poems”.

The duo is experimenting with different sounds and engaging both acoustic and electronic instruments to create an aerial and luminous ambience. Richard is playing them all at once: “there is an acoustic piano as well as Fender Rhodes, the sounds of Electro beat and those of Moog…It’s like crossing different eras, the use of multiple instruments gives us more freedom in searching that particular sound”, says a former graduate of the famous CMDL – a Didier Lockwood music centre in Paris.